About Us

A true guiding light is what shows up the path towards a better future of a child. The NSS Adhyayan works on the same lines with a motive to teach the young students of Amhara and make them aware about the various career opportunities they have. At adhyayan we teach the underprivileged children basics of computer that are required in everyday life.Practicals of computer are given to students, so that they can apply what they have learned.Learning computer gives them practical knowlege and a lot more.
They are also taught how to communicate in English which in today's scenario is an important tool to develop and explore yourself.
Exams are conducted regulary to check how much the students have learn. In addition to this parent teacher meetings are conducted on session basis which helps the parents analyse their child's performance.This in helps them for a depth knowlege of education and its importance which is a must for the future development.

Our Motive

We give Navodaya Coaching to the students of the village.We want them to become educated enough to read, write and speak with full confidence in their eyes.

Educational Training

Regular exams are conducted to check the proficiency of the students. They put a check on their daily performance which is nourished by their results.


Parents teacher interaction are held to inform the parents about the progress of the students. It is neccessary to boost their entusiasm adn gives them confidence.

Parents Teacher Meeting

Study Hours

The Adhyayan Unit volunteers conduct classes in Amhara high school , Amhara, for 4 days in a week. All the subjects included in JNVST are covered during the classes in a systematic manner. Tests based on all the subjects taught in the class are conducted once in a week. These tests are checked by the team volunteers and accordingly marks are given to the students. This helps the students to keep up with topics covered in the class and also study them regularly.The children are taught according to a prescribed syllabus. The Adhyayan Unit is aiming to increase the range of the exams for which they are preparing the children. This will include covering more subjects and efforts for the all-round development of the children.